Job Seeker Services

Looking for work? Career change? Promotion? Better Pay? Call us. We can help!
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Our Services Include:

Job Search Assistance
Listings from various sources, including CalJobs, classified ads, employment agency listings, and Internet sites. We can also assist in the development of your job search strategy. We may offer direct referrals to employers as positions become available.

Resume Service
We offer resume workshops and computer software for resume development. We can provide copies on resume paper and can mail or fax your resume.

Interviewing Assistance

Available from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. for employment related activities.

Keyboard and Typing Tests
Practice, testing, and certification.

Resource Materials, Booklets, and Brochures
California Occupational guides, maps, phone books and resource directories.

Labor Market Data
To assist in career planning.

Printers, Phones, and Fax Service

Vocational Assessment
We offer several career exploration tools including Eureka and Discover. An in-depth three-morning assessment workshop is also available.

Labor Market Information
This information can help you determine the best position, education, or
training needed to be successful in a particular field.